Roku com link – Activate Your Roku device

Roku com link is the default web address which allows you to link and activate your Roku device. For this purpose, you just need to create a Roku account and then go to Setting up the Roku account is very easy. All you have to do is simply open a web browser you like and visit the website. When you connect the Roku player to TV, Roku Activation Code will appear on the screen. Enter this code to web address. After that, click on the submit button.

But the main hurdle while activating your streaming device is Roku account setup. In order to create an account, go to and select the sign up option. A new page will open. It will require you to enter your personal details like a valid email address, first and last names, password, etc. Once done, add the payment information which comes handy when you purchase new streaming channels on your media player. Now, you have successfully created a Roku account. If you find any difficulty while creating the account or activating your Roku device, feel free to get in touch with our technical department at toll-free 1-866-817-4499. Now, you are good to go with the Roku activation process.

For this, make the basic wired as well as wireless connections on your streaming player. Connect the device to your home or office network with the help of instructions given on your TV screen. Note down the Roku activation code displayed on TV screen. Next, enter website and type the code in given box.

And with this step, the installation process has been completed. If you come across any type of problem related to Roku activation code, installation and account creation, just give us a phone call at 1-866-817-4499 and talk to our expert technicians. They will provide you with on-the-spot solutions for all your tech issues.

Which Roku Models Can be Activated using Roku com link?

Roku is a pioneer streaming device allowing you to watch thousands of free and paid TV shows, movies and other media content on your television through the internet. It comes in different forms, ranging from set-top boxes to TV sets depending on the services which run on them. Nonetheless, there is one thing common in all Roku media players i.e. they all will take your cable and satellite TV viewing experience to the next level.

Roku com link is the main web page through which you can set up and activate different models of Roku device. The latest models of Roku are Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Premier Plus, Roku Express, Roku Ultra, and Roku Premier. Every one of these models comes with unique features.

The devices that can be set up and activated by code are:

    • Roku Streaming Stick

Compact in size, the streaming stick is a little larger than a USB flash drive. It is portable and incorporates a powerful quad-core processor. With the best streaming options like HDR and 4K streaming, the stick opens a world of entertainment for you.

    • Roku Streaming Stick Plus

This Roku model provides you with the comprehensive app support, letting you stream numerous channel apps such as Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and Netflix. All it require is an HDTV with HDMI input. And you can start activating it through sign in page.

    • Roku Express

Looking for a pocket-friendly yet superb streaming device? If so, Roku Express will certainly be your best bet. All you need is a high-speed internet connection to enjoy online streaming with this device. Apart from its eye-catching design, it also offers up to 1080p streaming. Great, isn’t it?

    • Roku Express Plus

With Roku Express+, you can access dozens of free channels which are full of entertainment content – ranging from local favorites to Hollywood hits. What makes it unique is the great collection of streaming apps and composite audio video cables.

    • Roku Premier

In case your primary need is to add easy access to your streaming device, go for Roku Premier that offers the superb picture quality. It includes a fast quad-cord processor for amazing 4K picture quality and ultra-smooth streaming.

    • Roku Premier Plus

What sets it apart from others is its Roku enhanced remote which includes voice search and TV control options. It comes with an easy-to-use interface. What’s more, the media player comes with USB and optical audio ports allowing you to connect more devices.

All these Roku models can be easily accessed via where you have to enter the code for activation.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues With Code


Errors While Entering Roku Activation Code

To fix this issue, try entering the activation code for Roku in the given field once again. Possibilities are that you have entered the incorrect code by mistake. If all good, click on get a new code button. Once you receive the new code, use that to link and activate your device.


Roku Low Power

A red flashing light on your streaming device indicates Roku Low Power. To resolve this issue, go to and check the temperature of your device. Wait for a few minutes and let it cool down. Try replacing the USB cable with a new one. Also, use a different USB Port.


Roku Sound Problems

For getting rid of Roku Sound Problems, check the volume control on your device. Perhaps the volume level is set to mute or very low setting. If so, increase the volume to an audible level.

Roku Buffering Fix


Roku Buffering Fix

Getting buffering issues with Roku device? In this case, check the wireless signal strength on it. For Roku buffering fix, go to the settings and then choose the network option to set up a new connection.


Roku No Sound HDMI

Roku no sound HDMI error doesn’t let users hear the associated sound with the video. Changing both the ends of HDMI cable can help in troubleshooting this issue. Make sure to use the latest system update on your device.


Roku com link Code is not Found

It is a technical error or chances are you have opened the wrong roku com link web address. Therefore, check whether you have entered the correct URL or not. Also, ensure that the Roku device is firmly connected to your TV.


roku setup

Other Feasible Issues With Roku Activation

  • Can’t get the activation link for Roku
  • Unable to log in to Roku account
  • not working
  • Slow Roku browser processing
  • Unable to receive a converted file
  • Issues while registering your device
  • Unable to set up Roku
  • The streaming player is not turning on
  • Roku fails to connect to WiFi
  • The device’s browser screen is blank
  • Software update is not working
  • Netflix problems
  • The device continues to reboot itself
  • Frozen screen issues
  • Roku streaming player doesn’t charge
  • Roku HDX low or no connectivity with the internet
  • Unable to connect the device with TV
  • Errors while subscribing to Roku channels
  • YouTube app on Roku is not working properly
  • Buffering problems with Roku
  • Not able to operate Roku menu options
  • Roku is not powering up
  • The device continues to disconnect from the WiFi or internet
  • Link code is not working

The one-stop solution to fix all such issues is to call our experts at 1-866-817-4499 and get proficient roku com support. Our well-trained professionals work round the clock to provide you with the best possible solution to all your technical issues.

Create a Account

As soon as you sign up for a roku com link account, you can get started with adding channels and streaming online content. The account can be created with the default Roku activation link. All you need is a valid email ID and strong passphrase for login and managing your account.

Here are the steps for create account:

  • Turn on your streaming device and go to the sign up page.
  • Type the required details in the given boxes e.g. first name, last name, password, email, etc.
  • Try to keep the password strong, random and unique.
  • Once done, click on the continue button.
  • The next screen will ask you to select the payment method.
  • Choose the desired payment method and create your account.
roku code

This payment method enables you to buy subscriptions for the popular channels or rent TV shows or movies in the future. However, you can also create Roku account without credit card by skipping the payment part.

How to Setup Roku Player?

It takes a few different steps to setup Roku. The steps should be performed accurately; otherwise, you may come across various technical issues while streaming online. Here is the complete guide to install Roku streaming device.

Step-1: Connect Roku to Your TV

Roku is a great device which can work with any television that provides support for an HDMI connection. While making a connection between the Roku and TV, you should utilize a high-speed HDMI cable because this will offer a superior video quality.

Also, this media player can be connected to older televisions. Nevertheless, the types of required cables can vary. There are even some Roku streaming devices which include a standard composite video connection together with an HDMI connection, letting you connect to an old TV.

roku setup

Step-2: Set up Roku

Follow the instructions below for Roku installation:

  • Use composite cables or an HDMI cable and connect your device to the TV.
  • In case you want to use a wired connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect both Roku and router.
  • Turn on your media player.
  • Insert the batteries on your Roku remote.

Now, the Roku logo will appear on your television screen.

Step-3: Go Through the Guided Roku Setup

After going through the above-mentioned steps, you will see these on-screen instructions:

  • Choose your favorite language.
  • Connect the Roku player to your home WiFi network.
  • Select the best display resolution for you.
  • Log in to your Roku account.
  • Launch any browser and visit roku com link.
  • Enter Roku activate code into the provided box.

And you are done! After completing all the activation instructions, you are all set to use your media player.

Roku com Support: Add channels on Roku device

Once you are done with the Roku setup and activation via, you can add your favorite channels to the Roku device. Both types of channels are available on the streaming player: free and paid. You can also rent programs if you don’t have enough money to pay every time you watch. Amazon Video, GooglePlay, VUDU and FandangoNow are some channels that allow you to rent programs using your Roku device.

Roku streaming players come with a channel store from which all the required channels can be added. Simply go to Roku channel store and select your favorite channel. For paid channels, use your credit card information and pay. That’s how you can add your favorite channels to the device. For any type of roku com support while adding the channels, contact our online technicians at 1-866-817-4499.

In addition to a wide range of available Roku channels, two of the cable’s best entertainment networks are also available on the platform namely TBS and TNT. Once you have subscribed to TBS Now and TNT channels, you can effortlessly enjoy their Live and East and West streams. However, you have to activate the channels with code. Here’s how to do so:

TBS com Activate

As soon as you successfully complete TBS com activate process, you will be able to stream the iconic blockbusters, including The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars, The Woods and much more. TBS is also an abode to some of the best comedies like Angie Tribeca, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Search Party, Conan and many others. With this channel, a live feed of on-demand library and cable broadcast of media content will be easily accessible. Simply click on the add channel option next to TBS Now after linking your Roku account to your device via web address.

TNT Drama Activate

Roku device now enables you to stream all the TNT originals on your TV. By using the TNT Drama Activate feature, you can watch blockbuster movies, live events, award shows, sport events and other documentaries. Go to channel store and type TNT Drama in the search bar. From the search results, find the channel and click on add channel option. Type the activation code in the provided field on web address and click on submit button. In case of any technical difficulty, contact our well-trained technicians at 1-866-817-4499 and ask them for roku com support.

In addition to the aforementioned channels, Yuyu TV is also available on Roku device. This channel features more than a dozen categories such as Stranger Than Fiction, Binge Worthy and others. For any assistance related to setup, activation, channels and link code, don’t forget to give us a call at 1-866-817-4499. We will be glad to serve you.

How to Set up Roku Streaming Stick

Setting up Roku streaming stick is slightly a different process because it doesn’t require you to plug in wires and cables for installation. The Roku streaming stick provides support for resolutions up to 1080p Full HD. It comes with an enhanced Roku remote also known as ‘point-anywhere’ remote.

Here’s how to set up Roku streaming stick:

  • Power on your streaming device properly.
  • Press the button on remote and choose a language.
  • Connect your streaming stick to a wireless network.
  • Log in to your Roku account and navigate to web address.
  • Enter the activation code for Roku and hit submit.

That’s it! Your Roku streaming stick is now set up and activated. In case the stick not working after the setup process, opt for technical support from our experts.

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